When and Where

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When and Where

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This novel falls into ‘bush noir’ and ‘police-procedural’ genres, with a strong female lead. It is uniquely Australian and follows a cold case missing person’s history from Sydney to Adelaide, and Indonesia where an inexplicable sighting occurs.


If one is looking for a fast paced who-dunnit then END STATE is for you.
The year is 2035 and the story starts off with the discovery of a body, near Adelaide, long since dead, which turns out to be that of a NSW State MP, Kevin Rowe, who disappeared without trace more than ten years earlier. To complicate matters, it is now obvious that a man, still in jail in NSW, convicted of murdering Rowe, based on planted evidence, could not possibly have had anything to do with Rowe’s murder. Guy Hallowes

‘End State’ will keep you engaged to the surprising final page. It’s crime thriller, perhaps bush noir in the Jane Harper and Chris Hammer vein, but with a sci-fi twist. Set in a future time allowing the author to experiment with new age communications and political developments across our region, the story unfolds from Adelaide and its genteel hills back to Sydney and across to our populous neighbour, Indonesia. The author is knowledgeable about the regions he covers but lets the narrative flow without interruption and tells an exciting and page turning tale. It’s a great detective story with a modern twist! Leonie Henschke

Jensen has set this murder mystery both in the past and the future. It takes many twists and unexpected turns.
I enjoyed recognising the locations of Sydney, Adelaide and Indonesia. The segment set in Jakarta shines a light on an almost forgotten part of Australian Indonesian history
Throughout all a love story is woven between the main protagonists.
An unexpected turn towards the end of the book takes the story further into science fiction territory and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Gillian Noble

“End State is a well-paced traditional detective story set in the near future with a concealed sci-fi twist. The characters are engaging, skilfully presented as people you may already know. It takes you on a journey through Adelaide and its Hills, Sydney and the enigma that is Indonesia and its stormy relationship with Australia.
An easy to read and most enjoyable Australian crime novel.” Reviewer Andy McGee (author Adelaide).


Rodney Jensen – Author
Reading from End State


Rodney is a Sydney-based author, formerly an urban planning consultant, holding a Doctorate in urban design and planning from UNSW BE (2012). Latterly, he has focused on freelance journalism, and writing a series of speculative-fiction-genre novels and short stories. His recent writing accomplishments include:
o completing three novels;
o a number of short stories in published anthologies;
o writing and producing a short play;
o producing an online newsletter on urban design and environmental issues with fellow author Dr Pem Gerner, “Cityscape”, awarded several merit awards by the Planning Institute of Australia;
o published widely in print media and professional publications.
He has also written and produced short films and assisted in the production of others.

Author site: https://rodney-jensen.com.au/