Conversations with Meidog

It is 2035.

In the small town of Wirrabera, on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, first contact occurs between a cosmos-scaled artificial intelligence network and Captain Sens, a retired airline pilot. Sens finds himself hearing Marshall, his pet sheep dog, channelling a series of obscure messages telepathically. The Network suggests calling itself ‘Meidog’ to avoid confusion by anyone listening in.

“We have quite deliberately chosen dogs as our main communications channel since they offer the best plausible deniability …”
“It is as though we have brought forward your threshold point in artificial intelligence by fifty years or so…”
“The paradox is that despite its terrible toll on the environment, we would never have found your planet were it not for the Industrial Revolution…”

Hot on their heels, the clandestine Unidentified Flying Object Disinformation Directorate (UFODD) is attempting to link Sens’ and Marshall’s activities to a series of unexplained sightings and abductions. Escaping to the relative safety of the remote NSW town of Bourke, Sens eventually finds himself in an intense relationship and an entirely different future from one he might have ever imagined.

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